Gay men are members of the LGBT culture.These are men who are attracted sexually only to other men and not women. Initially, gays were an abomination in the society and thus those men who were gay used to have secret relationships. However, with the introduction of modern technology, the number of homosexual men has continued to grow. Currently, in most countries, the members of the LGBT have laws that govern and protect them. Gays respect their humanity just as they are complex and unique.The gays value their relations goals dreams and passions.

Most gays rein in their ego and live peacefully with each other.Though both men each is able and willing to accommodate the likes and dislike of each other. Gays mostly interact with members of the LGBTQIA who can understand their world.The members of the society organize events, parties, and meetings.They also select leaders among themselves to represent them in the protection of their rights. In conclusion, Gay men have their rights and lifestyles which every person must respect so as to enhance peaceful coexistence in the society.

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