Spanking, a form of corporal punishment, is when people are struck on their buttock when they make a mistake. Corporal punishment in public schools and homes in many states are legal. This is seen to be the best way to discipline children. The use of corporal punishment, cp, spanking is widespread in the U.S to date though in few states.

Corporal punishment was legalized by a high court in 1977. In the same year, only two states were known to have banned corporal punishment in public schools. As of the year 2016, quite a number of states, totaling to 31 had banned corporal punishment in schools. However, corporal punishment, spanking, is legal in all states.

In the U.S parents were given the right to use spanking as a way of disciplining their children. However, in 2012, Delaware gave a condition; the corporal punishment should not be harmful to the kid. In such a case, that parent would have broken and is subject to imprisonment.

A number of states in the U.S have tried to illegalize corporal punishment, but their efforts have always been in vain. The use of corporal punishment was supported and was considered to be a parent’s right.

Corporal punishment was not only limited to homes but also in school. Teachers were allowed to spank students. However, teachers were not allowed to spank or use any form of corporal punishment to disables students.

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