Pain is indeed arousing- The art of erotic spanking

No matter how good one is in bed, its always exciting to turn the heat up and try to be kinky with your partner. And there is absolutely no wrong in including some erotic BDSM in your sex life. Spanking, the word that you must have come across or seen in adult movie, is one of the best ways to be naughty in bed.

All the How/Why/Should about Spanking-

Spanking (erotically) is the act, or the ‘art’ of hitting the buttocks(usually bare) of your partner for their sexual arousal. It is an act that is pleasurable for both male and female so it is not unusual to see men spanking men or women spanking women, and is a very effective way of making the foreplay a bit spicy.

Do’s and Don’t of Spanking-

Though spanking is very arousing, but only if you control the power and speed of you hitting her or vice-versa. While very soft spanks will not turn her up, the very hard ones are sure to hurt their buttocks. Even the frequency of spanks should be controlled. Spanking them a lot will throw away the anticipation and they will not enjoy it anymore.

In the end it is always about their and your pleasure and the act of spanking should be done in harmony with your partner. Indeed sex is a technical thing. And do remember, the most enjoyable spanks are the ones which are completely unexpected.

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